Saturday, February 11, 2012

Change is for the Better

          Iv'e always been a big girl, and by big girl, I mean heavier than everyone around me. And I have always had not just a love for clothing, but a fascination and attraction to all things related. Which is why this blog is here. Recently I have made a change in who I am, and how I view my self. Iv'e realized, Fashion is about being confident in what you put on, and not being afraid of what people will say. Not about what I should wear to impress other people, or what I shouldn't wear because I'm to fat. 
          Being a big girl who invests time in to fashion, is hard. Im not able to walk into any store and pick something that will fit me, a foreign concept which I have not had the luxury of experiencing. Before you start to think I'm writing this to complain about something I could have changed years ago, I want to explain why I'm writing this. I have come very close to being very sick, because I am carrying  extra weight around on my body. 
          I am done being unhealthy and not confident about who I am. If I don't change who I am now, My life will be cut short, and I will probably spend my whole life trying to reach a standard, that I would never reach. This change isn't about my outer appearance, but about being a healthier, happier version of who I already am. 
          A lot of plus size fashion bloggers will say that they love their body and are confident with how they look, and I do love who I am. But along with becoming healthier, I truly am not happy with the way I look, I don't want to be afraid of how people will perceive me because of my weight, or whether I need fix my clothing because the fat on my back is showing. 
        Starting today, I will be at the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour. I will be eating all organic and healthy foods, and tracking what I eat, in order to see the flaws in my diet. And I will continue to peruse my love for fashion. I am going to post twice a week, one post will be a fashion post, and one will be about my progress in becoming healthier.
         If your still reading this, and wondering what the purpose of this post is, it is because I need to make a public commitment to my self and to all of you. I have had similar conversasions with myself before, and not followed through. If this information is public, it will force me to uphold this change, and not only be honest with my self, but with all of you. 
         It is so exciting to me that I will have a record of these changes and I will be able to look back and see how I have changed. And anyone who wants to follow my progress, please do it, and keep me on track! I am so excited to make this change and I hope you enjoy seeing my progress, and maybe I will inspire one of you to do it with me.

With love,


  1. Ruzele I am always amazed and impressed by you. You have done it again and will keep getting better your own way. I love you.

  2. wow! i am so inspired and so proud of you! you're such an incredible person and what you are doing is truly brave and courageous! keep up the good work! all your cheerleaders out there wont ever stop cheering for you!! xoxo