Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shayloss september day2! Food diary

Hi everyone, If you are subscribed to my youtube channel, you know by now, that I am participating in Shayloss september. as part of one of my goals, I am recording everything I eat, and posting daily food diaries here.
So to start today:

Breakfast: none
Lunch: 1 16 oz cup of green tea, greek yogurt with granola, and mcdougals spicy thai curry

Dinner: 1 Slice of pizza (bad, I know) grapes, chamomile tea

Today was an incredible day! I am mad at my self for eating a slice of pizza, but Iv'e got to remind my self that it was a mistake and all I can do, is do better tomorrow. Check out my youtube page here with daily vlogs and updates. see you tomorrow!

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