Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Fat Kid Rules The World"

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to post about something today the I feel really strongly about, there is a movie trying to gain publicity and trying to spread all over the US called "fat kid rules the world". Here is a short synopsis of the movie from their website: "Troy Billings is seventeen, overweight, and suicidal. Just as he’s about to jump in front of a bus, he’s saved by Marcus, a charming high school dropout/street musician. The two begin an uneasy friendship when Marcus enlists the musically challenged Troy to become the drummer in a new punk rock band. As Troy’s relationship with Marcus grows, Troy’s father becomes increasingly concerned about his son’s new friendship.
The SXSW Audience Award winning film starring Jacob Wysocki (TERRI), Matt O’Leary (NATURAL SELECTION) and Billy Campbell (THE KILLING) in Matthew Lillard’s directorial debut based on the novel by K. L. Going and produced by Whitewater Films.
The theme of this movie is something that I instantly fell in love with when I saw the trailer, Its something that has really hit home for me because I can relate to what the main character in the film is going through, and really really would love the opportunity to see this movie come to my hometown of Park City, Utah, I have started a tug event and a facebook event: and if you live in park city and would like to see this happen please let me know, because it would be an amazing experience to see this film!
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thanks for reading and please support this movie!

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