Saturday, July 14, 2012

Biggest far

Recently, as in today, I had the opportunity to go to casting for the next season for the Biggest Loser. At  first, I was all gung-hoe and ready to go(accidental rhyme. possibly). I was so ready to get in front of the camera tell them everything about my life if it meant that I could be on the show. I went back to the last few seasons and watched a few episodes here and there. Something didn't feel right to me, about the show and how some people left last season just because an eliminated player was returing. Sure they said they didn't think it was fair, but it seemed like to much of a petty thing, for them to give up what they had been working for. I googled "what is it really like to be on the biggest loser" I can upon a few interviews, one altered my whole perception of this glorified "reality" television show. 

Golda Poretsky did and interview with Kai Hibbard, a Biggest Loser finalist and what I read was shocking and sickening to me, Im not going to review it, because its her property, but the link to the interview is here

I have admired The Biggest Loser for a very long time, how they transform these people like me, into beautiful and in my mind, perfect versions of them selves. But my views on the show has done a 180, show like this should not be legal, the fact that they treat the contestants literally like animals is disgusting. And how they brainwash them into thinking they aren't humans or a lower form of humans is despicable. The show isn't censoring, or cutting clips just for their pleasure. They are using a form of propaganda, to all the viewers. Taking advantage of people who desperately want to get better, and are venerable. The results that are produced on this show, are not realistic nor do they set a good example for people trying to loose weight, and it makes me so angry to think that they can get away with this.

When it came to deciding whether or not to go to the casting, I actually was considering it, for a brief second. I knew I couldn't subject myself to that mental abuse. I came to the realization that these TV shows are not a good goal to aim for, the goal to aim for is being healthy and happy. It doesn't matter if you are 120lbs or 400lbs. I am so outraged that I was almost going to strive for being on that tv show, and I hope and pray that none of you go to the casting for this show or any other similar shows. Every single person is beautiful, you don't need a TV show, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you differnt. But, if you feel that you need someone to, I will!

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