Monday, March 5, 2012

Redheads Rule

Hi Everyone!

This Weekend I was feeling really spontaneous, While grocery shopping I decided to buy John Ferida Precession Foam Colour in the shade 5G which is a medium golden brown.
I had an appointment at the hair stylist today, so I decided to dye it saturday night and see how I liked it, and if I Ididn't I would just get it fixed at the hair stylist. This was a pretty huge thing for me to do, because I've never gone darker than my natural color, but I'm in love! To my surprise, it actually dyed my hair an auburn/reddish brunette color. I was nervous about going to school today, but I got so many complements, that I decided to cancel my hair appointment and keep it the way it is.  I defiantly recommend this hair dye to anyone, especially first timers, because it is so simple!

Here's my new hair! I am absolutely in love with it!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the hair. I am thinking it would be fun for me but I am not sure I am as adventurous as you are! How is the working out going?? Any progress?