Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Absent-ee Bloger

             When I started this blog I promised myself I would post at least every week, and look at this, only three posts in and I'm already WAY behind! And yes, I realize I might just be writing this to my self, but I hope there is someone out there in those 100 page views who read this.
             Granted, It has been soo hectic with school right now, but no excuse is good enough so I am sorry, and hope that you will forgive me for lack of posting, no promises, but I am going to try try try to post more often, starting now!

Recently ( as in the past month or so ) I made my very first purchase from a European Plus Size Clothing store called style369.com  Which I now have to say, is one of my favorite online plus size stores. I was really skeptical at first, considering I never bought anything from them before, and the items are shipped from somewhere in europe. But being the dare devil, risk taking person that I am ( my attempt at sarcasm ) I threw caution to the wind and bought a few wardrobe staples:

All Items From Style369.com

And I have to say, I am SO happy I put in the money to buy these items! The second I saw the color block dress I knew nothing could stop me from buying it, It is an amazing dress! I am in love with the mustard color, and the high neck. This dress is also made from an amazing fabric that doesn't cling to my body; as most curvy girls dislike. This dress has now become a wardrobe staple, I love that it is so versatile and can be dressed down or up. 

I also bought two pairs of tights, one just an opaque black pair, and a pair of amazing lace tights which I was in dire need of!

And last on the list was a pair of leather biker boots lined with fur. These are amazing! I've been in need of a pair of boots that are wearable in the winter- because it snows like it's no tomorrow where I live- but also boots that would look good and feel good. What I think is one of the best features is the fact that these boots are wide leg/ foot so girls who are plus size can wear them. And they haven't come off my feet since

Coming up; Style Profile: Hayley Hasselhoff 

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  1. I can't agree more. You have such a talent choosing something simple then rockin it! I love the dress and the boots I need!!!